🌸Nature Of Life Box🌸

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🌸Nature Of Life Box🌸

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🌸Inspire in Sakura Blossom 🌸
Sakura suppresses the toxins that speed up skin ageing. The boost that Sakura provides in collagen synthesis helps to increase skin elasticity and improves smoothness. Rich in antioxidants, adding this anti-ageing ingredient to your skincare routine also helps to fight sun damage.

🌸 Gift Set Includes:
🌸 Blossom Body Soap Bar 5oz
🌸 Blossom Bath & Body Feminine Shower 8oz
🌸 Blossom Epson Feet Salts 8oz
🌸 Blossom Face & Hand Serum 1oz
🌸 Blossom Lips & Nail Balm 10ml

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