Navegante Gift Set For Men

Navegante Gift Set For Men

Navegante Gift Set For Men
Wondeful Scent Of Bergamot, sliced lemon peel and Persian lime witb midlle notes of Fresh spring flowers in a sweet base of Cedar, exotic sandalwood and warm soothing musk.

Body Gel:
1 Get naked, run the water to an ideal temperature, and hop in. Using a wash cloth or just your hands, apply a small amount of your favorite shower gel. 2 Gently smooth all over your skin, making sure you're washing your whole body. 3 Rinse off any soapy residue with water, pat dry and done!

Soap Bar:
To get a good lather going, do a quick rinse to wet your skin and rub the bar between your hands for 15 seconds. Then, apply the lather to your entire body. Keep in mind that hard water can make it notoriously difficult to create a lather.

Soap Saver:
Never waste your soap again. Great in the shower or bath. Simply put a new bar of soap or leftover bits in the savon sac, pull up the drawstring, and use it like a bar of soap or a wash cloth. The natural cotton helps produce a rich lather and gently exfoliates your skin while washing. Rinse after each use and hang to dry. Can be machine washed in warm/cold water. Air dry to prevent shrinkage.

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