🐚Pearlicious Handmade Soap🐚

🐚Pearlicious Handmade Soap🐚

🐚Pearl absorbs excess oil and gives you perfect oil-free skin. Pearl slows down the process of aging by improving the elasticity of the skin and also imparts natural brightness. is great for Ageing, Wrinkles, skin impurities, freckles, discoloration, Malesma, Acne, and acne scars. Its continued use helps little dark and age spots vanish.

🧼This listing is for: 1 block/bar of Soap

📑Main Ingredients:
Destilled water, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate, sustainable oils of: coconut, palm, rice bran, castor, olive pomace, stearic acid, fragrance, seawater pearl mineral, titanium deoxide, vitamin e, kaolin clay.

⚗Method Implied: Handmade CP/HP/MP Soap
Softness bar of soap is natural and with time, will get harder when is expose to air.

⚖Aprox Net Weigth 4oz


  • 12 available 100%